This is Julius! He is a sweet boy about 6 months old. He looks like he is part Norwegian Forest Cat. He is a bit shy at first due to needing eye drops, ear drops and antibiotics when he was first rescued. He’s scared that’s what you’ll do to him again. He is very sweet. He loves to zoom just past you and then look back to see why you haven’t started to pet him yet. Once you start petting him he flops down and loves to get belly rubs. For a medium haired kitty, he doesn’t shed much. He loves chasing “The Red Dot”, feather toys and other toys on a stick that he can “Kill” and carry around. He does great with other cats. He hasn’t been around dogs or kids but he is very chill once he trusts you. He does have eye issues when he is stressed out. When his eyes get crusty we give him some L-Lysine for a few days and it goes away. He will come with the pill grinder and his current bottle.