The more foster homes we have, the more animals we can rescue! We rescue strays, shelter pets, and animals in hoarding situations. When you provide a foster home, the pet's veterinary care is all covered by ARC Rescue. As long as you have a spare room to house your foster pet, you're all set! Being loved and nurtured in a foster home can help socialize more timid pets, and it gives them a place to live until finding their forever home.

Condo Cleaning

Our pets are rotated between foster homes and the cat condos in 4 locations of Petco. The Petco condos allow them to be seen by more people, providing a greater chance at adoption! We are always in need of volunteers to maintain these cat condos. In 1 hour or less per week, you can help keep maintain these cat condos. Condo cleaning entails emptying litter boxes, filling the food and water bowls, and making sure the cats look healthy and happy. Oh - and providing some love, too! 

Monetary donations

Monetary donations are greatly appreciated and help keep our rescue group alive! We are an all-volunteer organization. Our funding mainly comes from donations from people like you! Donations go into our pets' medical fund. Each pet we get in is immediately taken to the vet to have a full health-checkup and be spayed or neutered; often, further veterinary care is needed.